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We’ll certainly recommend The Mountain Company, it was well organised and good personal service. We want to thank you so much and will definitely be traveling with you again!
Brady and Kylie (UK) | Luxury Everest Base Camp, Nepal

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What are the facilities for washing on trek, is it possible to take a shower and wash my hair?

Yes there are some opportunities for washing on trek however these depend on whether you are booked on a camping, lodge or luxury lodge based trek. If you have booked onto Everest Luxury Lodge or Annapurna Luxury Lodge trek then your room will have an attached bathroom with hot shower. The cost of hot showers is included in our package price for luxury trips.

Whereas on a lodge trek such as Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Sanctuary the facilities depend lodge to lodge however these days most places provide hot showers. There are various shower systems rigged up at lodges although the most common type is a bucket shower, these are buckets with a tap filled with hot water and placed in a shower room for your privacy. In more established places like Namche Bazaar in Everest region or Manang in Annapurna region the large lodges will have proper showers. Showers are not included in our package price for standard treks. The amount will vary depending on which region you are trekking in plus the altitude of the lodge however expect to pay around 500 Nepalese rupees (as of July 2014).

On a camping trek, you will get a bowl of warm water every morning or in the afternoon on arrival to camp.  This will be provided from our kitchen and you can take the bowl inside vestibule of your tent for privacy if you wish. On rest days you should have the chance to wash properly and usually we set up a shower tent for your privacy. You should be able to get a bucket of hot water from our kitchen for washing or sometimes we set up a shower bag for people to use. It is worth pointing out it is also possible to wash in a stream if there is one near your camp although of course this will be cold!

For all treks I suggest you bring several packets of wet wipes as these are useful for keeping clean on days when you cannot wash properly. It is also worth bringing a bottle of hand sanitiser to use for cleanliness and hygiene when required during the trip.

You should be careful when washing to avoid getting a chill especially if you are washing long hair as this can be difficult to dry. At high altitudes the air temperature is cold so when in the shade you have to be careful to warm up quickly after you get wet, whether by sitting outside in the sun or in front of fire.

If you are reading this and still feel like you would prefer to trek while enjoying the comforts of a hotel then please take a look at our Luxury Kathmandu Valley trek. For this trek you walk between hotels located on the rim of the Kathmandu valley. The other option would be to take a look at one of our tours of Nepal where you stay in a hotel every night then drive between the main places to visit in this country.

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