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I speak for everyone when I say that we have had a fantastic time here. Our guide, Chandra, was an absolute star, such a lovely man and managed us so well, Nabin and the three porters also did a wonderful job they all made a great team. Thanks for your ti
Ian Gribble (UK) | Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

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Will it be possible to recharge camera batteries while on trek?

For teahouse lodge based treks (Everest, Annapurna and Langtang) it is possible in most lodges to recharge batteries, this will cost approx. 300 rupees (US$4 or GBP2) per hour of charging. In larger places like Namche Bazaar and Lukla on Everest Base Camp trek there is a reliable supply of electricity due to hydro power schemes on nearby rivers. In more remote lodges at higher altitudes it is mainly solar power so getting power relies on having sunny weather therefore it is less reliable.

For camping treks you need to be more self-sufficient for power as there are fewer opportunities although over last few years in Nepal more lodges have been built in more remote areas so there is now better chances of recharging batteries at these places. For example our Mera Peak Expedition is a camping trek although there are now lodges available at most places with battery charging facilities on this itinerary (apart from on the mountain itself).

Our recommendation is not to rely on recharging batteries at lodges as the power supply can be unreliable and also works out to be quite expensive instead the best way is to bring with you several fully charged spare batteries. If you have a compact digital camera then the best way of retaining your battery power is to keep the camera warm by putting in a pocket before turning it on. For example on 36 day Kanchenjunga BC to Makalu BC GHT we found three or four batteries worked fine and lasted this length of time even while taking lots of photos along the way. Of course it is more difficult to keep a larger SLR camera warm although on very cold mornings it is worth taking out the battery to keep warm. Otherwise if you turn your camera on at sub-zero temperatures the battery will be depleted in minutes.

Therefore if you planning to join a long camping trek and bringing an SLR camera then it might be worth bringing along a solar panel to charge your camera batteries along the way. You should ensure you have a flexible solar panel as rigid ones are difficult to pack and are likely to break. Solar panels with internal or external battery are best so you can then recharge your camera batteries off the solar panel’s battery when required. There are a number of companies selling solar panels suitable for trekking check out Goal Zero and HumanEdgeTech.

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