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I just want to say a big thank you for a fantastic time on the Mera Peak trek.
Mark Rogers (UK) | Mera Peak, Nepal

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Do you have any words of advice or suggestions to ensure that I really get the most from my forth coming adventure in Nepal?

We understand that a trip to Nepal is a large investment in terms of your money and time so please make sure that you really embrace this adventure to ensure you get the most from it.

The following tips have been gathered from years of travelling and so we hope you find them useful. This list is not exhaustive so please remember to embrace it all and step outside your comfort zone:

- Get to know your guide/leader and porters and if on a camping trip your crew. The more involved you are with them the more you will learn about them, their race, their country, and their way of life. These people will enrich your experience. Most speak good English, but if they do not they will still communicate with you as best they can and especially with smiles and hand signs and thank you’s.

- Take the good advice of your guide/leader, everything they tell you in their briefings are to ensure that you stay healthy, stay safe and complete your trip.

- If on a camping trip make sure you spend half an hour in the cook tent watching/helping them prepare your meals on the facilities they have.

- Learn a few Nepali words even if its hello (namaste!) and goodbye. In Kathmandu you can buy phrasebooks for £2/ US$3.

- Follow the dress codes and codes of conduct that we outlined earlier.

- Try the local food, its delicious and very healthy.

- Write a diary or take notes or just capture your thoughts.

- Nepal is a photograpers dream you will take thousands of pictures but please remember at times to put the camera away and see Nepal through your own eyes not the camera lens as you see and feel far more that way.

- Technology is taking over our lives, keep in touch with those back home but do you really need to email/facebook all day everyday? Appreciate your surroundings whilst your in them.


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