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Manaslu Circuit was an incredible trip, great communication pre trip, amazing scenery, guides and porters great!”
Jess Pealing (UK) | Manaslu Circuit, Nepal

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What is included in a package holiday to Bhutan and what extras should I budget for? The package price is inclusive as covers the full cost of your trip Read the full FAQ I would like to upgrade to a higher standard hotel, what are the choices and what is the extra cost? There are many high end hotels now available in Bhutan and if you wish you can upgrade your package to stay at one of these better properties Read the full FAQ How do I travel and get to Bhutan? You can fly to Paro from Kathmandu, Bangkok, Delhi, Singapore or Kolkata. Read the full FAQ What treks are available in Bhutan and which ones do you recommend? There are a number of treks in Bhutan ranging from short 3 days along Kitiphu Ridge to the epic 29 days Lunana Snowman trek Read the full FAQ How do treks in Bhutan differ from treks in Nepal? It is worth pointing out that treks in Bhutan are significantly more expensive than Nepal so is it worth paying the premium? Read the full FAQ Is Lunana Snowman really one of the most difficult treks in the world? Lunana Snowman has a reputation as one of the most difficult treks in the world, is this true and in practice how challenging is this trek? Read the full FAQ What is a Tsechu and which one would you recommend to visit? If you are planning a visit to Bhutan it is well worth considering coming during one of the tsechu (religious festivals) Read the full FAQ What is a dzong and which ones would you recommend visiting? A dzong is a fortified building that incorporates both administrative and monastic institutions. Read the full FAQ When do black-necked cranes arrive to Bhutan and where is the best place to see them? About 500 Black-necked cranes spend the winter in Bhutan and can be seen in their roosting areas in wetlands from late October to end of February. Read the full FAQ