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Overall I had a great and unforgettable experience and I would love to do more trekking in Himalaya at some point in the future
Michael Tsimring (USA) | Everest High Passes, Nepal

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Located in the heart of the Himalaya, Bhutan has a rich and unique cultural heritage.

Mystery and legend have surrounded the Kingdom of Bhutan for centuries. Its steep mountainsides and remote forested valleys have many holy places with deep mystical importance where the founders of Tibetan Buddhism left their traces. Much of Bhutan is still covered in forest and, above the tree line, the mountains are largely unexplored and offer some of the best trekking in the Himalaya.

We have designed two cultural tours of Bhutan, our Highlights and Classic itineraries. You also have the option to upgrade to high end properties with our Luxury tours. There are a number of treks in Bhutan ranging from 3 days along Kitiphu Ridge to 29 days Lunana Snowman trek.

Recommended Books & Maps
We recommend checking out the following books and maps before you travel.
Kingdom of Bhutan